Silent Evolution


When you look at this gorgeous image of the ocean, sun beaming on  glistening waves, do you wonder what is happening inside? Are you thinking there might be an artificial neighborhood of over 400 statues trying to preserve marine life in there?

Kissed by the Sun


Temperatures this past winter, cold enough to chill the warmest of hearts, had us dreaming of places that were Kissed by the Sun.

My imagination was dancing as I fantasized about the beautiful and exotic locales caressed by the Mediterranean Sea.

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Opposites Attracted


Dawn, the place were night meets day, yields magic that cannot be bested by any other moment in time. As deep violet and blue hues of night give way to the vibrant oranges and yellows of the rising sun, you can only help but wonder what sort of rewards will be released during this new day.

Pure Magic


The constant call of work, via email, twittering, facebooking, skyping and such, was put on hold for a precious week this past January at the Garza Blanca Preserve Resort and Spa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I felt my stress yielding to the power of waves cresting on this magnificent shoreline.