Cloudless sky. Reflected in an aquamarine sea.
Let your eyes close and melt into the water of your soul.

In this hectic, fast paced world, we all need a little break…sometimes that just means taking a moment of deep relaxation, or if time permits, a get-away vacation. In the meantime, at least choosing your outfit can be stress free!

Bleu Clair, or “light blue” in French, is a play on Claire’s name and embodies the light, relaxed spirit of this contemporary lifestyle collection. It’s what you’ll want to slip into the minute you get home from work, on casual days, or (when we’re lucky) at the spa or on vacation. Stylish tops and skirts have subtle twists and details perfect for every day, or a casual night out.

A Los Angeles native, Claire brings the west coast vibe to Bleu Clair. Busy women like herself want to be comfortable, and still look chic and pulled together. The collection is full of vibrant prints and tie-dyes along with a dos of basics we can’t live without. Just the sort of fresh, sophisticated pieces that easily mix and match into a cool girls wardrobe.

Comfortable, colorful, cool clothing you can relax, live and play in…now why can’t everything be this easy? Made in the USA. Bleu Clair is available at select specialty stores.

Loungewear styles available nationwide at Neiman Marcus, and online.
Please visit the store locator page to find Bleu Clair near you.